“Katie Cook is a creative thinker and a proactive team player. She can be trusted to come up with great ideas that she will then implement. Katie’s approach to challenges is thoughtful and productive. She is independent and can be relied on to generate great content.”

Janice Andersson, Organizational Change Management Consultant


“I worked with Katie over the course of two years on a variety of internal communications projects for a global company. As our freelance writer, she was tasked with curating news stories for our global Intranet site. She had to take very complex subject matter and convert it into interesting and easy to understand articles. To get to the heart of each story, she interviewed employees from around the globe and conducted her own research. Katie produced articles that were interesting, easy to understand and in alignment with the company’s overall communication strategies. Katie always met our deadlines and I appreciated her eye for detail. She was always courteous and respectful and was committed to producing high quality work. I would recommend Katie’s services to any company who is in search of a reliable and professional content writer.”

Emmanuelle Stoetzel, Senior Global Communications Manager

“Ms. Cook has been our reliable partner since 2011. We are realizing tailor made solutions for global players designed for users in 140 countries. Hence a native speaker is crucial when we produce written or spoken content.

But a native speaker is not enough. That’s why we work with Katie. She knows about the emotional and psychological power of words and masters the nuances needed to pass messages geared to target groups where English isn’t their mother tongue. She starts every project with a proper analysis of the complete setup: objectives, target audience, means, budget, timeline. Considering different cultural background and sensitivities is part of what makes her different from just normal communication professionals.

Working with Katie is efficient since she carefully listens to our briefings and adjusts her “toolbox” (the written and spoken word) in close collaboration with us. She has no wrong ego preventing her from revising a production when new aspects become evident.

The result: A couple of weeks ago we launched an eLearning series targeting a company intern community of 1400 users world wide. Katie helped us to find the right tonality, ran the proof reading and we produced the voice overs together. Together we experimented until the appropriate rate of speaking had been found. Like a singer she played with the variety of her voice to ensure a vivid and inspiring elearning user experience.

Different time zones, different locations (us based in Europe, she in Canada), virtual collaboration via phone conferences, video sharing etc.
Never a problem at all. If there is a technical scenario she hasn’t experienced before, she open-mindedly learns and applies guidance until things work.

If you are an international company looking for a native speaker with a team player spirit, you should work with Katie.”

Markus Gramlich, Managing Director

“Katie is a pleasure to work with. She is a dedicated and efficient professional, with an outstanding empathy and team spirit. I had the chance to work with her on different projects where she was the facilitator / project manager, and it’s with a kind yet energetic presence that she pointed out her needs and made clear what I had to do as a designer. Thanks to her great communication skills, we could achieve a very innovative HR project together, which has been acclaimed as such within her company.

As a writer, I can’t emphasize enough Katie’s dedication and autonomy. She handled the creation, animation and promotion of a social media blog in our former company, where she designed the editorial plan, came up with spot-on and interesting pieces that are still a reference for me. I also came across some of her work as a freelance storyteller / story writer for a global corporation which stood out by its quality and freshness, yet always perfectly adjusted to its audience.

As a human being, she has the perfect spirit and gives the right spark to any team. Smiling, engaging and good at heart, you can rely on Katie to be a great writer and a great work partner.”

Marie-Cécile Paccard, Designer UX, Consultante en Communication et en Stratégie Web

“Katie has an awesome ability to transform words into some seriously smooth reading magic! I’ve always struggled with taking my writing to they next level, with Katie’s help I’ve managed to transform average writing into a wicked skud missile that has aided into landing some very cool gigs and funding for my projects”.

Doug Cook, Filmmaker